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Install Arcserve UDP Using the Unified Installer

Arcserve UDP lets you install all its components using a single, unified installer. Based on your requirement, the installer suggests the best license to meet your requirements and then downloads and installs the components.

When Arcserve UDP is successfully installed, you can centrally manage and monitor nodes, recovery point servers, virtual machines in VMware vCenter or ESX servers or Microsoft Hyper-V servers, replica servers, and Arcserve Unified Data Protection reports. You can also install Arcserve Backup and Arcserve Replication and High Availability.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the ASDownloader file from the Arcserve web site.

    Note: If one of the supported non-English operating systems is detected, you need to select the language for the product installation.

  2. Double-click the installation package.

    The License Agreement dialog opens.

  3. Read and accept the terms of the licensing agreement and click Next.

    The Arcserve Product Improvement Program page opens.

  4. Provide the details asked in the page.

    The email address is mandatory. For more information on the Arcserve Product Improvement Program, see Register Arcserve UDP.

  5. Click Next.

    The Getting Started dialog opens.

  6. Click Next.

    The Choose Components to Download dialog opens.

  7. Select one or more of the following options depending on your requirement and click Next.
    Arcserve Unified Data Protection

    Installs Arcserve UDP. Arcserve UDP lets you protect Windows and Linux physical and virtual nodes. You can manage all your data protection needs from a single Console. You can use the global source-side deduplication, replication, remote replication and other features to manage your data.

    Arcserve Backup

    Installs Arcserve Backup. When coupled with Arcserve UDP, you can manage the tape backup from the Arcserve UDP Console and leverage all the benefits of Arcserve UDP.

    Arcserve Replication and High Availability

    Installs Arcserve Replication and High Availability. Wnen coupled with Arcserve UDP, you can protect and manage RHA servers from the Arcserve UDP Console.

    The Product Download dialog opens.

  8. Click Download.

    The product begins to download in a zip format. You can check the download status on the progress bar. You can also pause and resume the download. Depending on the bandwidth and the number of components for download, this may take a while.

    Until the download is complete, the Next button is inactive.

  9. When the download completes, click Next.

    The Installation Method dialog opens.

  10. Select one of the installation types.
    Express Installation

    Installs the components using the default configuration. Click View Default Configuration and Components to see the components that are installed.

    Advanced Installation

    Lets you install each component separately.

  11. Click Next.

    The Account Configuration dialog opens.

  12. Specify the user name and password and click Install.

    The installation begins. You can see the progress on the dialog. On completion of the installation, close the wizard.

Arcserve UDP is installed on your computer.