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Recover Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 8 Systems from a Disaster using WinPE

This section describes the process of recovering the following operating systems from a disaster using WinPE (Windows Pre-installation Environment) recovery CD:

Note: Arcserve Backup Disaster Recovery provides various utilities on each screen that help you resolve problems that you encounter during this process. For more details on these utilities, see How to use Disaster Recovery Utilities.

Be aware of the following:

Note: After a full backup, you can save the disaster recovery information to the location where it can be used during the disaster recovery process.

Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the WinPE recovery disk into the computer that you want to recover to open the Windows Boot Manager screen.
  2. Select the preferred language and keyboard layout and click Next to open the Select DR Information screen.
  3. Select one of the following options to locate the disaster recovery information:

    Be aware of the following:

  4. Click Next to open the Pre-flight Check screen.

    This screen provides a configuration list for you to detect and resolve potential environment issues. Essentially, for each item selected from the Configuration list, a description of that item is displayed at the bottom of the screen describing the issue.

    Note: For an updated status of the Configuration List, click Rescan Status.

    Windows PE Disaster Recovery - Preflight Check screen.

    Based on the disaster recovery information selected, the following items display on the screen:

  5. Click Next to restore the disk partitions and open the Restore Disk Partition screen.

    Windows PE Disaster Recovery - Restore Disk Partitions screen.

    Arcserve Backup Disaster Recovery automatically restores your disk partitions according to the saved disk layout information.

  6. When the disk partitions are restored, click Next to restore Arcserve Backup Disaster Recovery sessions and open the Select sessions to restore screen.

    Windows PE Disaster Recovery - Restore Disk Partitions screen.

    Arcserve Backup Disaster Recovery lets you specify sessions allocated to each drive, in hard disk, and also helps assign a session password. You can also recover incremental/differential backup sessions simultaneously.

    Based on the session encryption status, you will find four types of icons in the Select sessions to restore screen:

    Scan and Replace Session

    Note: The Eject button is used only for removable disk drives, like an RDX drive but some removable disk drives cannot be ejected in Disaster Recovery mode where you will have to switch media.

    Important! You must restore volume C and System State sessions under the Session Name column, otherwise disaster recovery fails.

  7. Click Next to open the Summary of Session Restore screens.

    Note: This screen confirms the sessions you selected.

    Windows PE Disaster Recovery - Summary of Session Restore screen.

  8. Click Start to start the data restore process and open the Start Restore Process screen.

    This screen displays a progress bar on the estimated time remaining of the data recovery.

    Note: During data recovery, if your session password was not set, you will need to provide the password. Arcserve Backup allows three attempts to enter your password. After three attempts, the session will fail to restore.

    Windows PE Disaster Recovery - Start Restore Process screen.

  9. Click Next to reboot the computer and open the Prepare to Reboot screen.

    Note: This screen automatically reboots in 30 seconds or gives you 30 seconds to cancel if the option on the Start Restore Process screen: Automatically reboot after all sessions restored successfully, is selected. If the option is not selected, Arcserve Backup Disaster Recovery lets you reboot or cancel manually.

    Windows PE Disaster Recovery - Prepare to Reboot screen.

    After the computer restarts, Arcserve Backup Database Recovery Wizard opens to help you restore Arcserve Backup Database sessions.

    Be aware of the following: